Autor Tema: italian biker looking for friends for rides around Bosanska Gradiska  (Posjeta: 400 vremena)


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Hello all
I am an italian MTbiker and  my fiance is from Gradiska , we live in Milano, Italy but  every summer we stay 10 days or so at her mother's
 place which is close to Gradiska, This year I would like to carry my bike with me and try to to firnd some friends for a few rides there around.
I can guess that around Banja Luka is full of interesting rides but I would like to stay around Gradiska for simple nice rides in the woods. I am not in very good fit actually ( too much work and not many time on bike, pity)  so  the rides around Gradiska would be ideal since it is rather flat.
Let me know if you want to get in touch and have a bike ride together! I will be there around 16 of august and will stay for 7-10 days
Ah, I cannot speak serbian, I'm sorry, just a few words..  :-\
Let me know!  :bravo